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Wine Charms

Attached to the stem of wine glasses,  your guests will know which glass is their's. Design your own from our many charms available and add as many or as few beads as you like.

Sample illustrated is a wine charm using charm #3751,  attached with an 00R/2 jumpring to the 25mm ring #0060 and with whatever other beads you choose (we used two bright blue glass beads here), then flanked by #4080 bead caps. All items are sold separately.  Retail prices are per unit and in Aus$: 3751 $3.19,  4080  $0.19 and 0060  $0.22.  Please let us know if you want quantity prices or wholesale.

Cast Purse Frames


9505 & 9505/A   55mm x 35mm   9506 & 9506/A   58mm x 35mm
9505 Gold or Silver   Aus$15.00 ea   9506 Gold or Silver  Aus$17.42ea
9505/A  Antique Gold or Antique
Silver Aus$15.97 ea
  9506/A  Antique Gold or Antique Silver 


These simple cast frames ideally suited for beading.
Also supplied are the bow brooches from which the purses are attached.

Two gorgeous examples of seed bead purses using our #9501 and
#9502 purse frames  as well as #1049 and #1201 bow brooches.


Ancient Mediterranean columns and vases.

Made of pewter these columns and vases are very popular amongst the many types of embroidery. Just have a look at what you can do with them.

click on image for a larger view.

Various designs using Silk Ribbon Embroidery with columns by Sylvia Stanley


Silk Ribbon Embroidery with column #9404, 
also frame #7028 and column #7406 by Sylvia Stanley

Other works by Sylvia Stanley: #7028 and #7032 picture frames:




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